An investor visa is a straightforward and fast way to obtain american citizenship

Since 1990, the US has run an investment programme which rewards those who invest in the US economy accordingly – initially with a two-year EB-5 visa offering all the benefits of residency, and later with US citizenship.

  • Covers your entire family (up to 10 people)
  • Gives you access to the same benefits as a US national
  • Your investment can be drawn from the individual savings account of husband or wife

5 years

500 000$

Requirements to be
met by the investor

  • Legally obtained funds for investment
  • Good physical health
  • No criminal record

Aspects which have no
bearing on your application

  • Age and gender of investor
  • Level of English
  • Profession/qualifications
  • Nationality

The risks

The USCIS created this programme intending to attract foreign investment to underdeveloped American regions. And naturally, there should be an appropriate reward for such investment – citizenship. That said, an important factor for the US in concluding such agreements with investors is the level of risk. Contracts which offer investors some guarantee may be met with less enthusiasm by the US authorities. It is therefore important that there are no direct guarantees written into the contract, so as not to jeopardize your citizenship application later on.