Frequently asked questions

What is an EB-5 migration agent?
A migration agent is a foreign consultant who helps investors find a Regional Center. A migration agent also promotes Regional Centers and companies working with projects outside the US. Most migration agents are located in China, which is the biggest market for EB-5 investments. Migration agents must be licensed to work with clients in the US.
Are EB-5 investors guaranteed a return on their investments or a percentage of the profits?
According to the terms of the EB-5 Program, the investment must be subject to risk. If an EB-5 application is approved, the Regional Center does not guarantee a return on investment. Investors who have been approved for conditional return may withdraw from a project with the head partner’s or manager’s consent, and in that case can only expect to be reimbursed for the market equivalent of their investments.
Although investments must remain subject to risk in order to meet the conditions of the program, some Regional Centers offer investors a small percentage of the profit on their investments. These percentages are listed in the documents describing each Regional Center’s project investment conditions.
What is EB-5?
The EB-5 Program allows foreign entrepreneurs to apply for a Green Card through investing in US business. An EB-5 visa holder can reside and work permanently in the US with his/her spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21. The EB-5 Visa Program is one of the employment-based immigration programs run by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The EB-5 Program was set up by the US Congress in 1990 to attract investment in the US economy.
What is an EB-5 Regional Center?

A Regional Center is a company that USCIS has authorized to attract foreign investment and to provide investors with the right to an EB-5 immigration visa. Applicants for EB-5 visas can invest in two different ways.

  1. Individual investments.
    Individual investors find their own investment project and manage it themselves. This option is best for those who want to have direct control over selecting and managing the project they invest in.
  2. Investments in EB-5 Regional Centers.
    This option is best for those who are more interested in immigration than in earning maximum profits on their investments. Regional Centers are authorized by USCIS to work with investments and operate in accordance with EB-5 Program regulations. Investing through a Regional Center releases investors from the burden of having to meet the program’s conditions. Around 90% of all entrepreneurs invest through EB-5 Regional Centers.

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