Project name:

Miami Film Collective

Project description:

    • 时间
  •  Sep 2017 – 2022

    • 金额
  •  $ 40,000,000/ 48.5% EB-5/ 21.5% MFC equity/ 30% Private equity

    • 投资者
  • Miami Film Fund, LLC



Who We Are

MFC is a new independent motion picture company for the digital age that will develop, finance and produce high end “micro-budget” films (films with an average budget of $2M). The micro-budget sector of the motion picture industry has become highly lucrative, generating some of the best returns Hollywood has ever seen.

We are a team of award winning film makers and industry insiders with years of experience who are committed to captivate audiences across all international markets.


What We Do

MFC produces, markets and distributes high quality motion pictures that entertain and inspire audiences while generating attractive returns for our investors. We provide EB-5 investors with an exciting new investment opportunity to obtain EB-5 immigrant visa status in the US. Our project has a defined exit strategy, US government approved job creation metrics, and is structured to preserve investor’s principal.




Inject much needed funds back into the Florida motion picture industry. A significant number of Florida based productions have historically relocated to Canada, UK & other states that provide finance incentives including rebates and film tax credits. MFC aims to keep films from becoming “Runaway Productions” and keep these jobs and production spending that left when the state’s funding incentive program expired.




Job Creation Certainty

588- The number of direct jobs that the average film creates. 3,310- The number of direct jobs that Spider Man 3 created.

 EB-5 Requires 10 Jobs Created Per Investment

    110 Jobs Created  Per Investment*

11x the Minimum Jobs Created Requirement Per Investor!

Investment Features

  I-526 Refund Guarantee

If investor’s I-526 is denied,

MFC guarantees a full return of principal.
Equity Opportunity Upon Exit


                          Secure Capital Structure

48.75% EB-5
30% Private Equity

21.25% MFC Equity

Exclusive Project Advantages

As an investor, you will have the opportunity to be actively involved in the movie magic of Hollywood:

Spend a Day on Set.

Meet and Greet the Actors, Directors and Producers.

Be an Extra in a Film.

Your Name Will Be Featured in the Credits of the Film.

Attend Special Screenings and Premiers.

Have an Idea for a Movie? Let Us Develop It!